Out of Your Comfort Zone…Anything is Possible.

FEARLESS JOURNEY explores places outside the comfort zone and beyond what seems possible. The film follows the life and adventures of an amazing young man with autism on a quest to understand the world and himself.

When he was a young boy, Chris’s doctor predicted that Chris would spend his life in an institution. After battling the odds and doing things his way Chris roams the world creating extraordinary quests on his own and with very little money. He even finds ways to give back, including working as  a volunteer to build a school in the Dominican Republic and helping to run a summer camp for disadvantaged children.

So often people who are part of the community of families with disabilities experience “outsiders” not taking the time to understand, find commonalities, and connect. And families with someone with a disability can often stay in their comfort zone too, separated, isolated, and in doing so, miss out on some of the adventure of life. There is so much to discover about people around us in the same way Chris discovers people around the world and embraces their differences.

You’ll never think of your own “limitations” or anyone else’s in the same way, or listen to yourself make excuses about what you’ll do someday, after you go on this fearless journey with Chris.


“I want to be a travel writer. I also want to be an advocate for others with autism around the world. I believe I can do what I want to do and that you can too. I think life is like a box of Legos, you can either follow the instructions that come with it or you can use your imagination and build whatever you want.”


We’re actively fundraising with the immediate goal of $50,000 to shoot and edit a major portion of the film. Once we have most of the film roughed in we’ll show it around to inspire people to contribute to the third act—the big surprise. Chris dreams of exploring Antarctica. We want to help make that happen and to shoot the way that adventure unfolds as the ending of the film. Please join us on the journey! Here’s the place to make your contribution and join the team. Thank you!